5 Station Tactical Strength Circuit

Here we have a solid 5 station tactical strength circuit which is very suitable for someone looking to increase their strength and fitness both in the same workout.

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Bodweight Workout “The King Pin”

Here’s a great little workout that I like to recommend especially if you are pushed for time. It covers all the aspects, only takes 20 minutes and can be done anywhere and with zero equipment.

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Armor Building Complex

The armour building complex is a great kettlebell complex which works as both a full body strength complex but also has a good conditioning element and provides a solid core workout.

The Armor Building Complex

The Armor Building Complext consists of three movements, the clean, the press and the front squat so its perfect for a full body strength and conditioning workout.

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Workout Finishers

Workout finishers are ideal for the end of a session, whether thats a full body workout, a cardio session or a pure strength session. Try one of these quick workout finishers at the end of your workout. OR if you are limited for time, you can even do one of these as a standalone workout for the day.

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Kettlebell Circuit Training

Here’s a tough kettlebell and sandbag circuit which is great for conditioning as well as hitting some cardio, full body exercise and some functional strength training. You will need a sandbag and a kettlebell for this one.

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Burpee Conditioning

This is one of my staple workouts when I am gearing up towards an event, a fight or just want to improve my overall health and conditioning. Its got no bells and whistles on it, there’s nothing fancy about this but it works and it does the job. I could make this fancier, add in more unnecessary exercises, add in some complexity to make it look fancier but thats not how we roll. So, instead I recommend sticking some Black Sabbath on or some System of a Down, crank it up and just grind it out! You’ll feel better for it 🙂

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Bodyweight Training

Calistenics is an often overlooked and underutilised training tool. Yet you will find that it has been used as a staple by many old school conditioning coaches. I always begin bodyweight training with any new clients. Whereas swinging a kettlebell takes some time to learn, bodyweight training is much safer to begin with and can even be used as a deload week as a break from weights.

We have tons of really challenging bodyweight workouts that require zero equipment, and can be challenging from any level from beginner to advanced.

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Sandbag Training

The sandbag has been used for many years as an old school conditioning tool by martial artists, strongmen and in the military. It can provide exceptional results, is cheap, easy to transport and helps to hone very functional strength and conditioning. Unlike the barbell, which is designed to enable you to move the greatest weight possible, the sandbag is an awkward dead weight lump. As soon as you grip it you immediately tell the difference between a sandbag and a barbell, often with a sandbag you will have to reduce your lifitng load by 50%.

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Kettlebell Training

Kettlebells have been used as an old school conditioning tool for decades. They are fantastic for the modern man who struggles with time. In an ideal world we would all have a couple of hours a day to train but there is so much to cover and so little time. When balancing work and family it can be hard to find a workout that allows you to train functional strength, create hypertrophy, train your cardio and endurance. This is where the kettlebell steps in.

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