Burpee Conditioning

This is one of my staple workouts when I am gearing up towards an event, a fight or just want to improve my overall health and conditioning. Its got no bells and whistles on it, there’s nothing fancy about this but it works and it does the job. I could make this fancier, add in more unnecessary exercises, add in some complexity to make it look fancier but thats not how we roll. So, instead I recommend sticking some Black Sabbath on or some System of a Down, crank it up and just grind it out! You’ll feel better for it 🙂

Here’s the workout:

30 seconds heavy bag striking

30 seconds burpees

Repeat for 3 minutes

30 seconds rest

Repeat for 6 rounds

After that you can add some accessories, neck work, shrugs, bicep curls if thats your thing and then add on a finisher such as sandbag or farmer carrys.

Have fun guys this is a solid conditioning workout, been using this one for decades and its never let me down and still challenges me every time I dust it off. Jim

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