Kettlebell WOD “The Beast”

Kettlebell strength training is perfect for those of you looking to develop your conditioning or strength especially for combat athletes or those simply looking to pack on a few pounds of functional muscle. The offset nature of the kettlebell means it presents extra challenge especially to your core. The overhead presses work your core and your shoulder muscles, the front squats focus on your quads and your core. Meanwhile the rows and the pressups give your upper body some solid strength training. At Old School Conditioning we love full body workouts. Although a body split or working individual body parts may be the best way to build a body for an elite bodybuilder, for those of us looking for complimentary functional strength we should always look to train our body as a unit, the same as when we spar, grapple or lug heavy objects around at work, we want our training to be of a similar nature.

KB Strength WOD “The Beast”

4 station circuit 

  1. Overhead presses 
  2. Front squats 
  3. Rows 
  4. Pressups 

60 seconds per station. 4 to 6 rounds 

60 seconds rest between rounds

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